Department of Labor statistics show that up to 50% of all employees leave a job within the first six months of being hired. Data from hiring expert Dr. Bradford Smart shows that the loss of a staff member within 24 months of hire can cost a firm up to 18 times that person’s salary. The bottom line: Bad hiring can cost your company a lot of money and lost opportunity!

Our 360⁰ Hiring & Feedback Process Workbook guides you online through seven steps of successful hiring and performance appraising. In each of the seven steps you are given the tools and guided on how to:

  1. Analyze the job and write behaviorally based job descriptions

  2. Align compensation with the role and candidate set

  3. Define the Interview Process, including stakeholders and their role in this process

  4. Interview candidates

  5. Administer and interpret DiSC and MOTIVATORS Behavior Style and Motivation Profiles

  6. Choose the winning candidate and check references

  7. Onboard the new employee, give ongoing feedback and performance reviews

You get all of the forms and guidance for $275! DiSC/Motivators assessments are priced per candidate (from $175 to $300 depending on format) and the Work Environment is $35 per job/role.