The 7 Steps to Effective Business Building for Financial Advisors program is the perfect resource for the highly motivated, “do it yourself” advisor or wealth manager. With this book, workbook and audio (CD) overview you’ll get step-by-step guidance on building your business. Click here to learn more.

Do you struggle with:

  • How to keep growing a profitable business – even in a bear market?
    How to find and attract not just any trusted advisors or Centers of Influence (COIs), but the right COIs for your firm?
  • How to ensure that your message and positioning stands out in a very crowded wealth management marketplace?
  • How non-salespeople – like portfolio managers – can learn the right skills to bring in new business and keep current clients happy?
  • What to say to dismayed clients and how to say it?
  • How to find, keep, and motivate top quality talent to help you build your business?
  • How to develop a public relations program that gains you valuable media exposure?
  • How to determine what marketing strategy — and materials — you really need?

The 7 Steps to Effective Business Building for Financial Advisors Program answers these questions and much more!

This isn’t just a book – it’s a highly actionable program that gives you the proven, real-life, process and tools to grow your wealth management business profitably and with the right organization in place.

What you get:

  • The 7 Steps book with over 75 pages of actionable advice and practical tips.
  • An accompanying 7 Steps Guidebook with 16 worksheets and an additional 60 pages of content, sample dialogue and checklists.
  • A bonus CD-ROM with the 7 Steps and real-life examples of how advisors implement them in their own businesses.
  • Access to experts, via webinar, to help you implement the 7 Steps program in your own firm.