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In today’s rapidly evolving business world, many employees will have had five jobs by the time they reach the age of thirty. Learning how to deftly navigate a new environment, position yourself for the next level, and connect with new colleagues and bosses is vital. For seasoned employees, finding ways to reinvent and take advantage of new opportunities sometimes requires an outside partnership.

For organizations, the profitability issue looms large when the right people aren’t in place. Data shows that a bad hire can cost up to 27 times their salary – and once an employee is in the door, they often need a substantial amount of guidance in order to succeed. Sometimes an employee isn’t the fit the company was hoping for. It becomes a struggle to refit these employees so they are not managed out. Our approach is to understand that person – their behavioral style and values, and what success looks like to them – but also to learn the requirements of the job.

In organizations, we acquire a working knowledge of the needs, objectives, and requirements of each position, and then fit the right people into the right roles. Our goal is to make the overall firm successful; marrying the right people to the right roles is paramount to that success.

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Presenting with confidence, sharing ideas with clear communication, motivating and inspiring, understanding people – all are requirements of a strong leader.

So is creating the vision, setting clear objectives, and outlining a path to success.  Leaders are not always born – they are made. We provide the skills to make great leaders.


In today’s fast-paced world, with too much to do and not enough time to do it, the common complaint is stress. Managing stress and knowing how to respond in the heat of battle is critical to career success. The employee who “loses it” by yelling or crying will also lose credibility with coworkers – and with the boss.

The Collaborative has a solid background in hypnosis. We use proven skills and techniques to minimize stress in the moment when it’s most needed.


Behavioral style is a very important factor in the way humans communicate with one-another. Less than 10% of what is perceived contains the words we use, while the rest is tone of voice, pace, and body language. Without an objective understanding of style, we are limited in our ability to communicate most effectively with everyone.

While behavior is what we do, values are why we do what we do. Understanding what motivates you, your colleagues, the boss – and how the leader’s values impact the culture is important to long term success.


Many employees today are disenfranchised, and feel disconnected from their employer and workplace. A happy, engaged worker is more likely to be a productive, contributing partner.

We understand people. We understand business. We are experts in communication, and we combine this knowledge to create systems, processes, answers, and approaches to get your employees involved, engaged, and motivated to succeed – for you!


This truly revolutionary program was launched to help managers manage, and leaders lead, more effectively. Shift with Purpose is based upon the time-tested consulting we have used for over 15 years to help teams and organizations set and achieve goals. The program uses the S.H.I.F.T. Model™ to help you accomplish five proven steps to realize your goals.

Discovering: Identify Needs, Wants, and Pain Areas

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Guest post by John Naples, Encore Consulting Group WHEN I FIRST STARTED in sales, I was as green as they come. I entered the field directly after graduating from college and went to work for Lanier Worldwide in the highly competitive telecommunications industry. I was trained to hit the streets in San Diego’s Mission Valley and knock on at least 25 doors each day. Success was determined by the number of calls I made, rather than by their quality. Once I secured an appointment, I was taught to deliver a “feature dump” on anyone would listen. I quickly saw that this method of listing and describing features was all wrong; I wasn’t seeing good results and my competitors were winning. It took some experience and additional knowledge, though, before I figured out how to correct it. The fact is, I was missing a key, critical step in the selling process and…

Streamlining Your Advisory Firm – From Fire Drill to Efficient

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There is so much to do in an advisory firm –following the markets and keeping up on economic developments, responding to client inquiries or preparing for client meetings and events, hiring and developing employees, working on the marketing message, ensuring technology is up-to-date… Lots to do and, most weeks, seemingly little time to do it in. Sometimes a firm can evolve into the fire drill mentality, where people are just running from one fire to another and trying to address the urgent, knowing they should focus on the less urgent, but having no time to do so. Things are getting done but people are worrying and wondering what’s being missed. Employees have less restful sleep at night, and can become very stressed and agitated during the day. While the work gets done, no one is at a high level of productivity and effectiveness – they can’t be. If this sounds…

Matching Styles: How Adopting a New Boss’s Behavioral Style Can Help Employees Succeed

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As a rule, it is worrisome when a new boss comes on the scene, especially if you were comfortable working under the former one. You could have been doing a good job, but then you get a boss that is very different from you or from your previous manager. All of a sudden what you did before isn’t working, and now the same behaviors are actually getting you in trouble. Maybe the new boss isn’t seasoned or hasn’t learn how to manage well, but sometimes there is nothing wrong with the new boss – it’s just that you and that person don’t click and don’t seem to be on the same wavelength with one another. You might have even heard great things about the new person from colleagues but for whatever reason, he or she isn’t working well for you. Oftentimes the disconnect lies in differences in behavioral styles and…

Bev Interviewed on CT Style

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Watch Bev discuss her book Self Talk for A Calmer You on Connecticut’s WTNH show “CT Style.”


"The Collaborative doesn’t so much train people, as it evolves them. They focus on the person and the process, fostering an experience that enables sales professionals to make their work a life experience, not just a job experience."

− Stuart Sheppard - Managing Director of Sales & Marketing, Netage Solutions

"CresaPartners has used the DISC profile as a pre-employment screening tool for several years. Last year, we were referred to The Collaborative to assist in putting together broker teams within our company. (Their) insights, combined with the PIAV (Personal Interest, Attitudes and Values) profile, greatly facilitated the “match making” process. We plan to continue using The Collaborative in the future to make better employment decisions and to avoid costly personnel mistakes."

− Paula Fowler - Senior Vice President–Operations, CresaPartners

"The Collaborative has been providing DISC behavioral style assessments to our company since 2004 as part of our hiring process. These assessments help ensure that we understand a candidate’s behavior style and that their values are compatible with those of our company. I highly recommend The Collaborative to any company that wants to optimize its hiring process, build smoothly running teams, and minimize turnover."

− Randal Chinnock - President, Optimum Technologies, Inc.

"We built a new and enhanced team over the past year at the executive level with very accomplished and experienced executives. Our aggressive growth plans call for a great deal of communication, cooperation and objectives management between the executives and our associates. To accomplish our goals, we hired The Collaborative, and our experience was fantastic. The team was fully engaged in the process and the results were exceptional. Certainly, our team can attribute some of our ability to reach our goals to them!"

− Tommy Thomasson - President & CEO, Daily Access Corporation