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Feuding Employees: 5 Practical Tips For Managing Employee Conflict

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Sometimes the hardest part of a job isn’t even doing the job itself, but rather dealing with the difficult people all around. Employees who don’t get along, or are moody and combative, can make a hostile environment for everyone. The reasons for employee feuds are numerous, and can vary from something as seemingly small as differences in opinion on the coffee order to more major things such as distribution of responsibilities or power struggles. It is impossible to completely avoid employee disputes and disagreements in even the best of work environments; personalities, habits, principles and personal values differ from one individual to another, so some employees will naturally “click”, whereas others will have a hard time interacting and collaborating with each other. While the conflicts can prove unsettling, in some cases employee disputes are not entirely bad for a workplace. Groups of like-minded people or those employees who always strive…

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Making Business Partnerships Work: 5 Steps to Success

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Business partnerships are in many ways similar to marriages. In fact, they require the same, if not even greater, amount of trust, shared values and strong commitment to a balanced, cordial and long-lasting relationship. In both cases it is crucial for potential partners to learn as much as possible about one another before signing off on the deal; partnerships really work only when the parties involved complement one another well, and all partners have something unique to bring to the table, something that enables them to build on and play off each other’s strengths. The many benefits which partnerships have to offer make them a really attractive form of owning a business. Their popularity has been steadily increasing since 1980, according to the IRS Statistics of Income Division (SOI) study of partnerships that was based on Forms 1065 and 1065-B filed during the 2013 calendar year. While they do add…

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Show ’Em, Don’t Just Tell ’Em

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In many companies – small and large – the leaders have the perspective of “Just get it done.” They will promote someone or put them in a role they aren’t fully equipped to do and then expect them to figure it out. There are libraries filled with books on developing management skills, and they sit on the shelves right alongside the books on bad bosses! It seems the “just do it” philosophy doesn’t often work. An article from earlier this year in the Wall Street Journal (Monday, 4/28/14 “Why Managers Are Stuck in Their ‘Silos’”) confirms this phenomenon. Their research shows that while businesses have high expectations of their managers, they don’t do a lot to give them the tools, training and coaching they need to be successful. The article talks about the importance of mentoring programs and staying current. What can the leaders of these companies do to support…

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Creating a Sales Culture

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Creating a Sales Culture For those of us with a background in sales and a career devotion to it, it’s always painful to hear our clients talking about “sales” with negative connotations. Often times a firm will tell us that they want to create a “sales culture” but they don’t want their employees to be “salesy”. It’s as if instituting a sales culture means that they will turn into sales vultures!

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Corporate Culture by Design – Is It Really Possible?

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Corporate Culture by Design – Is It Really Possible? Have you ever heard someone, usually a senior manager, say, “We need to change the culture here?” People define culture in many different ways. Thus, many firms don’t know what they have, some don’t have what they want, and some don’t know what they want. How does something so seemingly amorphous get formed? More importantly, can you really design the culture you desire for your organization?

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