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Discovering: Identify Needs, Wants, and Pain Areas

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Guest post by John Naples, Encore Consulting Group WHEN I FIRST STARTED in sales, I was as green as they come. I entered the field directly after graduating from college and went to work for Lanier Worldwide in the highly competitive telecommunications industry. I was trained to hit the streets in San Diego’s Mission Valley and knock on at least 25 doors each day. Success was determined by the number of calls I made, rather than by their quality. Once I secured an appointment, I was taught to deliver a “feature dump” on anyone would listen. I quickly saw that this method of listing and describing features was all wrong; I wasn’t seeing good results and my competitors were winning. It took some experience and additional knowledge, though, before I figured out how to correct it. The fact is, I was missing a key, critical step in the selling process and…

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One-Size-Fits-All Training? Don’t Waste Your Money

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One-Size-Fits-All Training? Don’t Waste Your Money It’s amazing the amount of money spent by organizations every year on “training” for employees. A manager gets frustrated with the lack of success within the group and believes training is the answer. Training is expected to solve all kinds of ills — it’s expected to help employees perform more effectively, communicate more clearly and generally improve morale and teamwork. More often than not the training’s ineffective, leaving manager’s to ask, “where’s the training budget going if nothing is changing?” The missing pieces are pre-training assessment and behavioral understanding. Training simply can’t be delivered without an understanding of what’s really wrong. Managers and leaders assume they need “X” solved but they haven’t really delved into what “X” represents. What is the real need? Where are employees struggling? What problems are they encountering? Without digging in and understanding the real life roadblocks, training will fall…

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Talent Development: Coaching Your Sales People to Higher Levels of Success

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Talent Development Coaching Your Sales People to Higher Levels of Success There is no question that we are currently dealing in a very difficult sales environment. It doesn’t seem to matter what industry a firm is selling to, everywhere the sales “close” seems more and more elusive. Even strong sales people seem at a loss right now as to how to move unmotivated, fearful prospects off the sidelines. What is a firm to do except fire all of their sales staff and start over again?

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You Need Sales Training – Now What?

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You Need Sales Training – Now What? What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “sales training”, or when someone says they need to provide sales training for their team? When it comes to training there is probably no other corporate function that sees more varieties and providers than sales. A recent Google search on the exact phrase “sales training” turns up 1,940,000 options. So how do you figure out what kind of training both the organization and the sales executives really need?

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Everyone Can Benefit From a “Coach”

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Everyone Can Benefit From a “Coach” Today the average manager doesn’t have enough time to work as directly with their employees as they should, or they’d like to. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for meetings, decision-making, budget work and hands-on management of staff. But… everyone needs a coach, or a strong focused manager, to help the person improve and become better at what they do. The wave in coaching shows how pervasive this need really is in business today. People thrive when they know how they’re doing and they are given chances to improve.

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