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Prospecting: Uncover and Develop New Business

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Guest post by John Naples, Encore Consulting Group WHEN I FIRST STARTED in sales, one of the first skills I learned was how to uncover new selling opportunities. I was part of a sales organization that placed high value on cold calling, and expected the salesperson to master appointment setting both over the telephone and by in-person cold calls. My district sales manager threw me to the lions the first week I returned from training. He told me to canvass my territory and make 30 calls per day. To “hit my numbers,” he said, I had to contact at least 500 new prospective clients each month. As a 22-year-old entry-level salesperson, I was both daunted and challenged by this ominous goal. My first call went really well. I dialed the phone number and the receptionist answered. She said, “Good morning, Pacific Industries. How may I direct your call?” I completely froze…

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Curing a workplace of “meeting-mania” – preempting further productivity loss

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Productivity in business is crucial. High productivity results in optimal allocation and utilization of available resources, and therefore greater return on investment and profitability. Consistently high performance allows the company to be more competitive, and can ultimately lead to increases in sales and revenues. The driving force behind productivity is, of course, employees, whose efficiency determines the gross productivity level. Efficient and reliable employees are sure to positively affect the bottom line of the company and substantially contribute to its overall success. Conversely, employees who lack commitment are nothing but a burden to the company and, actually, do more damage than good. The ways in which employees can hurt the company are multiple and diverse. Consider the following set of circumstances that may cause productivity loss, consequently incapacitating the company: absenteeism employee job dissatisfaction employee disengagement inadequate communication personal problems inadequate self-management inconsistent performance And the list goes on. In…

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Managing Salespeople — and keeping sales coming — through turbulent times

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Managing Salespeople — and keeping sales coming — through turbulent times When the economy is rocky — like now — and many firms aren’t meeting sales goals, advice for sales execs comes fast and furious. Things like “focus on positives”, “stay in constant contact with customers”, “increase networking activities” and “don’t prejudge the prospect — call them all” are trotted out to (hopefully) give discouraged salespeople new ideas for success. In times like this, however, often forgotten are the lonely sales managers or directors, whose job becomes doubly hard. In tough times the sales manager is often on the “hot seat” to come up with new ideas and find new ways — or effective old ways — to help sales people bring in business and keep them motivated. With our collective 50 years of sales and sales management as the guide, we offer a “Top 5” list of ideas to…

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