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The Importance of Cultural Fit

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When you don’t fit in at your workplace, it just doesn’t feel good to be there. You might think there is something wrong with you, and try everything to make it work. An article in The Wall Street Journal on April 10, 2014, entitled “Making Sure the Boss Is the Right Fit”, states that “a poor cultural fit is the primary reason top managers fail, according to executive coaches and recruiters.” It’s not technical skills. It’s not getting along with others. It’s finding that you don’t fit in at the workplace. A large part of cultural fit comes from the behavioral preferences of those in charge, and the values they espouse. We are motivated mostly by our top two values, and from time to time will have our third come into play. If my top two values are the bottom two of my manager or the work place I operate…

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It’s Not WHAT You Say Sometimes….

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And sometimes it is. When we communicate with others, the words we use are only a small part of the exchange. As we talk, others who are listening are focused on our body language, our tone and the pace of our speech. We may spend a great deal of time getting the message “right” only to find that our well-rehearsed speech is falling on deaf ears, because our body language is telling the listener something different! Think about a discussion you may have had with a boss, a significant other or a teenager. You are speaking, they are reacting and you may either say, or be thinking, “But ALL I said was….”Unfortunately for us, sometimes “all” we say isn’t all! We all have our preferred behavioral style and natural approach to communication. Some people react more quickly – they think fast, and respond fast. They “get it” and they are…

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Making You Feel Bad so I Can Feel Better

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Too many people suffer from a feeling of “I’m not enough” – I haven’t accomplished enough, I don’t have enough, I’m not good enough, I haven’t been rewarded for my hard work, or I’m never in the right place at the right time. The “not enough” feeling can come from many different places, but its outcome is almost always the same: I feel incomplete. There is something I am missing, or something that I need in order to feel whole. If having this empty feeling weren’t enough, what some people do to try and fill it is to make someone else look bad or feel badly about their life. This can take many forms – criticizing another person, blaming them, or pointing out their flaws or shortcomings to another person in the form of gossip or backbiting. If I am able to bring you down and I can stand on…

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