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Standing out in a crowded market is difficult for many advisors. With close to three decades of hands-on financial services experience, we offer wealth managers, custodians, asset managers, aggregators, retirement services providers, and institutional firms the programs, coaching, and consulting they need.

Our track record speaks for itself, with hundreds of successful engagements throughout the country. Our experience is vast – spanning patentable programs for one of the world’s largest mutual fund companies, to hands-on solutions for smaller firms looking for fast answers to growth.

We believe each advisor is different and has a unique story to tell, which is why identifying key platform points becomes critical to referral selling, client retention and uncovering new opportunities. As a trusted advisor to advisors, we have created hundreds of platforms by revamping the firm’s story in a compelling manner, and pulling it through in marketing materials.

Looking to grow your financial advisory business?

The Collaborative has been The Advisor’s Trusted Advisor for close to twenty years. Our proprietary practice management platform offers customized tools and resources dedicated to the specific needs of financial advisors, including eCourses, monthly Webinars and Mastermind discussions.


We work with successful salespeople who want to get better, and become more successful at selling.

Using our proprietary Sales Effectiveness Model, we diagnose issues and find solutions. We engineer the absolute best organizational design and structure to allow sales to soar.


Most people promoted to a leadership position have never led before. Morphing from a manager into a leader isn’t a natural process. Leaders must communicate well, create a vision, and know how to get things done.

We employ a proprietary approach that allows us to identify successful outcomes and key support items each individual leader needs to be successful in their unique situation and environment. We then work diligently and systematically to make that transformation happen.


Even the best salespeople can’t sell without a story. Standing out in a crowded market is a challenge, and most firms haven’t learned the best ways to convey their uniqueness so each client-facing employee can share that story in a compelling way.

To get started, we apply the “so what” philosophy to understanding your current story. Ultimately, this reveals new and interesting ways to tell it. We then build supporting materials around your story – including websites, marketing brochures, and handouts – while developing powerful storytelling techniques to bring the message alive. Finally, we teach salespeople and other staff how to properly evangelize – and sell – your new story.

We have the capability to develop brochures, cut sheets and websites, and are very selective about the firms we work with in this capacity. If branding and positioning is of interest, please contact us for more information.


Many large financial services firms hire us to create repeatable programs for their employees or client base.

To do this, we gain an intimate understanding of the desired outcome and then craft a program to fit each firm’s situation. We often act as adjunct staff, supplementing the internal expertise. We fill in, take the lead, or play a pivotal role wherever necessary to deliver our clients the exact program they desire.


There are few skills as important to financial advisors as presenting information with confidence. Whether in a one-on-one with a client, or to a board making investment decisions, presenting ideas with clarity and competence is key. Never before has The Collaborative offered a groundbreaking training program that allows you, or your staff members, to improve their skills online. This eCourse provides a hands-on, action-oriented process that allows you to learn at your own pace, without leaving your home or office.


Beverly is a contributing author for Advisor Perspectives – providing actionable advice for financial advisors facing human resource issues.  See below for a collection of her most recent articles, or click to view the full column.

How To Make Better Hires

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Dear Bev, We just fired the fourth operations manager in six years. I find it tough to believe that a simple role like this can be so hard, but we’ve had no luck in keeping someone for the long haul. My partner thinks we need to hire an expensive recruiter. I don’t agree. Can paying someone 30% of the salary plus bonus (the recruiter’s fee) to identify the right person really make a difference? — George S. Dear George, Having spent some of my career as an executive recruiter, I am going to have to say that in many cases the 30% is well deserved! Is it the right thing in this situation? I’m honestly not sure. You will want to pose a few questions to yourself and your partner before you decide to hire an outside recruiter. Are you both clear and on the same page about what this…

Jumping into the Fray with Divorcing Clients

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Dear Bev, When is it appropriate to recuse ourselves from a nasty divorce situation between existing clients? We are in a losing place if we take sides, and I do not prefer one member of the couple over the other. I enjoy both and what they are doing to each other – and to their investment portfolio – is atrocious. — Douglas N. Dear Douglas, This is a very sticky wicket, indeed! In fact, there are a number of governing rules, depending on the state you work in, that you must heed. Be sure to find out what rules there are governing financial professionals in your state. To my knowledge, from an ethical standard there is nothing “wrong” with representing both sides in the financial matters. More importantly, you have an opportunity here to have a very direct conversation with these two people that you have worked with and care…

What Makes a Compelling Marketing Hook?

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Dear Bev, How do we improve our image in the market? We are not well known for what we do, although we believe we do it better than the competitors. We talk about being fiduciaries and having an objective voice, but I don’t know if our message is powerful enough. What else could we do? — Ronald G. Dear Ronald, Standing out in a crowded market is not easy. Think of all of the different types of people – insurance brokers, financial brokers, financial planners, bankers and so on – who call themselves “financial advisors.” Unless one is in this business, it’s hard to discern who does what and how it is different from another. That said, I suggest staying away from differentiators like being a fiduciary or offering objective advice. Most investors would not understand the importance of this, and you’ll spend too much time trying to educate and…

Dealing with Your Less Experienced Team Members

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Dear Bev, Are we the only place where the soon-to-retire advisors struggle to communicate with the newer staff members? We are not as tech-savvy or are marketing-savvy as they are, but they could learn a lot from our experience too. They seem too cocky to me, and I don’t know how to get through. Any suggestions? Frank F. Dear Frank, Are you sure it is only the newer advisors that are hard to reach? Do you think they may experience the same issue getting through to the older, more-experienced advisors? I hear a great deal about multi-generational issues. We’re living in times when three or four generations can work side by side, and life-expectancy projections say that we may have a time where there are five. That means that an advisor could be working with colleagues who could be their great-great-grandchildren! This is a very real issue for this industry…


"We hired The Collaborative to help us differentiate ourselves within the investment management industry. Their branding and business evaluation process is completely professional and first class. They cordially listened to our company’s views and objectives, along with interviewing current clients. They then completely formulated the needed wording, differentiation, feeling, and sense of direction so that we could market ourselves uniquely. WOW!!! I highly recommend The Collaborative for any of your business development needs."

− Andrew D. Rice - Vice President, Money Management Services, Inc.

"Client satisfaction, and our product and service reputation, was declining from years-old organizational structure and responsibilities. The Collaborative interviewed many clients and employees, distilled this feedback through its model for organizational effectiveness, and then led us through difficult—yet exhilarating—changes. The result was dramatic improvement in customer satisfaction, additional product and service sales to customers and employee morale."

− Michael Densen - Vice President, Client Development Group, Thomson Financial

"We are in a very competitive B2B sales environment where high-quality sales people are critical to sustained success. I retained The Collaborative to assist in transforming a team of relationship managers into business consultants. The Collaborative’s experience and business acumen were evident the moment we began analyzing the situation. The team was fully engaged and the first round of territory plans was a vast improvement from the previous year. Whether you are creating a business development strategy or building on what you have, you’ll see meaningful results with help from The Collaborative."

− Paul Wichman - Director of Sales, Pershing Advisor Solutions

"The Collaborative team has helped us to create a more relevant message about what we do and who we do it for, and the systems to communicate that message on a consistent basis. This process has allowed us to immediately uncover opportunities that were there all along, but we did not know how to access them."

− Mark Singer - President & CEO, Safe Harbor Retirement Planning