Insightful change management strategies and tactics that enable teams to collaborate and accomplish goals.

The only thing constant in business today is change. Unfortunately, most employees and organizations don’t deal well with change, and they don’t get the results they desire.

The Collaborative leverages decades of business expertise with compelling knowledge of human behavior and change management. We understand people and processes, and we know how to bring about change, both by putting the right programs and processes in place, and by taking the time to understand people.

We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll help you identify your success factors, overcome obstacles, and get to where you want to be.

We have experience in organizational development, C-level business management, behavioral change, team building, and facilitation.

We use behavioral tools to understand people and to identify what they need in order to make the right change happen. We get people talking and working together more effectively – and we get results.

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Companies are acquired. New leadership is hired. People leave, and positions are left vacant. Over the course of any business’s life, many things will happen to force the organizational structure and design to be revisited and reconsidered.

We work with managers and leaders to understand their culture, their goals, and their employees. We deliver suggestions and solutions to reinvent. This can mean restructuring an entire company, or simply realigning employees in the right roles.


According to research done by Dr. Bradford Smart, a poor hire can cost up to 27 times salary. Too many businesses don’t put the emphasis on selecting the right person for the right role. Our clients call upon us to help them identify needs, construct position descriptions, and select the right candidate by interviewing and using behavioral tools, such as DiSC and Motivators.

We get to know our client’s culture and understand their requirements. Clients tell us we act as if the company were our own; and when it comes to helping with the right hire, that’s the way we feel about it. Our proprietary 360 Degree Hiring process has helped countless organizations find the right people for their needs.


What good is having a number of brains working on a project together if they can’t get along, work effectively, and meet designated goals? Anyone who has ever had a bad team experience understands the importance of providing support to teams working together. The better the team, the better the outcome.

Our behavioral knowledge and real-world experiences have helped many teams make the shift from “stuck” to “success.”


“Let’s just talk about it.” It’s easier said than done.  Behavioral and communication differences interfere, team members and management have conflicting goals, some voices are more forceful than others, some are hesitant to speak up. Sometimes an entire conversation goes down a track and the meeting ends without any decisions made!

Our facilitation skills have been honed in hundreds of scenarios just like these – we’ve dealt with conflict situations, goal achievement, teams with too much to do and too little time, and all sorts of groups with conflicting goals. We focus on results – and we understand the needs of each participant.


Bad hiring can cost your company a lot of money and lost opportunity! Our 360⁰ Hiring & Feedback Process Workbook guides you online through seven steps of successful hiring and performance appraising. In each of the seven steps, you are given the tools to write behaviorally based job descriptions, better define the interview process, choose the winning candidate, and properly give ongoing feedback and performance reviews.

Streamlining Your Advisory Firm – From Fire Drill to Efficient

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There is so much to do in an advisory firm –following the markets and keeping up on economic developments, responding to client inquiries or preparing for client meetings and events, hiring and developing employees, working on the marketing message, ensuring technology is up-to-date… Lots to do and, most weeks, seemingly little time to do it in. Sometimes a firm can evolve into the fire drill mentality, where people are just running from one fire to another and trying to address the urgent, knowing they should focus on the less urgent, but having no time to do so. Things are getting done but people are worrying and wondering what’s being missed. Employees have less restful sleep at night, and can become very stressed and agitated during the day. While the work gets done, no one is at a high level of productivity and effectiveness – they can’t be. If this sounds…

Part 2. Major Time Wasters: What Managers Can Do to Enhance Employee Productivity

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Time at work can be wasted in so many different ways. While some employees end up wasting time due to boredom or job dissatisfaction, others have simply never learned how to cope effectively with their workload and obligations. In Part 1 of Major Time Wasters, we discussed some of the common ways in which employees tend to waste time at work, as well as how their unproductive behaviors eat into the company’s bottom line. We also identified a number of strategies employees can adopt in order to help them increase their productivity; for example, getting better at prioritizing, minimizing distractions and streamlining routine tasks. While employees can take some steps to improve each day, it is also the manager’s responsibility to coach and motivate their staff. Many employees really want to bette themselves and become more efficient. Taking simple steps, such as were outlined in Part I, will eventually improve…

How Changing the “Frame” Can Help Reshape Experiences with Colleagues

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Imagine the following scenario: You are assigned to a new team for a project and while most of your new teammates are easy-going and friendly people, one person seems somewhat disagreeable. When you are late to work by a couple of minutes, your colleagues don’t seem to notice or joke lightly about your tardiness, whereas this person tells your straight up that being late is unacceptable. Upon completion of an important assignment, you get congratulated by your teammates – except for this one person who after a quick “Good job” goes on to tell you about every single mistake you made and how it devalued your work. In a situation like this, you are tempted to think “That person always picks on me! He/she must hate me.” What happens next – whether you decide to confront your colleague or seek to avoid any contact with him/her, etc. – is going…

Identifying and Removing Obstacles

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We all face numerous obstacles at work, large and small. When you have a team, additional problems can surface based on employee dynamics and pressures related to task performance, training, understanding and motivation. As a business owner or manager, you want your team to be high performing, have high morale and be eager to participate. It’s important that you pay attention to employee behavior and recognize when lack of sufficient communication and anger issues stemming from unfulfilled expectations or facing pressures, cause problems that can accelerate into large obstacles. An employee at your company can face obstacles in many ways. Understanding what these obstacles are can help you identify and remove them, leading to greater employee satisfaction and higher productivity. Step 1: Brainstorm all of the obstacles. Begin by brainstorming all possible obstacles. This can range from concerns such as not enough time; conflicting job priorities; lack of opportunity to…


"As is often the case in highly intellectual or technical firms, New Frontier is a ‘product-focused’, not a ‘sales-focused’ company. The Collaborative helped to determine the marketing and distribution strategies best suited to our firm, and then gave us complete ‘A to Z’ guidance for implementation. We gained sales and marketing insights we’d never had before."

− Matthew Pierce - Chief Operating Officer, New Frontier

"Whether profiling senior team candidates, integrating and transitioning new candidates into our wealth management firm, or innovative, customized professional development for our team, we view The Collaborative as our consulting ‘Consigliore’ and a permanent outside consultant for our firm."

− Michelle Smith, CFP, CDFA - Chief Executive Officer, Source Financial Advisors

"Lewtan has increased sales productivity 159% since 2002, when The Collaborative developed new product positioning and messaging; assisted us with sales personnel assessment and designed and implemented sales skill training. We had just come off the worst sales year ever—I give The Collaborative credit for helping us make this turnaround."

− Ira Keller - President and COO, Lewtan Technologies, Inc.

"Assette was looking to improve the sales strategy and bring in new talent to fuel revenue growth. The Collaborative helped Assette to improve the sales strategy, define a sales process and hire sales talent."

− Thusith I. Mahanama - CEO, Assette