The Advisor’s Sales Academy eCourse

This material gives you guidance to deliver high impact communication that allows you and your message to really stand out.

There are few skills as important to financial advisors as presenting information with confidence.

Whether in a one-on-one with a client, or to a board making investment decisions, presenting ideas with clarity and competence is key.

Our groundbreaking training program allows you, or your staff members, to improve their skills online. This material is unlike any basic presentation course and offers deep insights into how people think and how best to influence and communicate clearly.

You will master the skills to dynamically impact the outcome of your personal and professional relationships.

This eLearning course provides an interactive, video-led process that allows you to learn at your own pace, without leaving your home or office. Throughout The Six Keys to Presenting with Confidence eCourse, you will be presented with actionable tips to apply today, including:

  • 8 Instructional videos
  • 8 In-depth explanations of critical concepts
  • 10 Interactive exercises to hone your presentations
  • Self-directed DISC assessment and
  • PDF “Cheat Sheets” to decode human behavior

Individual training license for 1 Participant:


ON SALE FOR $250.00

For advisors with 2-5 trained:


ON SALE FOR $195.00

For advisors with 5-10 trained:


ON SALE FOR $175.00

For advisors with 10-25 trained:


ON SALE FOR $150.00

For institutional pricing, or groups larger than 25, please contact us at [email protected] or call 508-359-8216 for further discounted pricing.