Take Charge of Your Career

Even the most experienced, successful professionals can sometimes find themselves stuck. Whether it’s dealing with a new boss, a challenging shift in your duties, or job stagnation, you might need outside help to identify changes you can make – and how to make them.

Build Collaborative Teams

Our programs help uncover areas where your team can collaborate more effectively. Through our training, we foster an open communication environment which has been shown to improve productivity.

Hire Smarter

Putting people into roles for which they are not suited can spell trouble. Data has shown that a bad hire costs organizations 27 times the individual’s salary. Through our behavioral insights and proprietary solutions, we can help you select the right hire for your team.

“The Collaborative has been providing DISC behavioral style assessments to our company since 2004 as part of our hiring process. These assessments help ensure that we understand a candidate’s behavior style and that their values are compatible with those of our company. I highly recommend The Collaborative to any company that wants to optimize its hiring process, build smoothly running teams, and minimize turnover.”

− Randall Chinnock, President
Optimum Technologies, Inc.


Stress Management

In today’s fast-paced world and the high demand of work environment you need to maintain a calm, thoughtful approach in the face of too much to do with too little time to do it in. We are experienced with hypnotherapy, mindfulness, self-talk and stress techniques that can work anywhere, at any time. With our stress management programs, we will help you maintain your poise even in the face of mounting pressure.

Individual & Team Coaching

There is simply no replacement for the hands-on support that comes with working one-on-one with a seasoned professional who knows how to make change happen. Using our trademarked SHIFT® to Success program we identify the success outcomes, and help remove the obstacles to success to get you to where you want, and need, to be in your career.

Employee Engagement

Getting the best out of people requires that they openly communicate with you. We understand people. We understand business, through our employee engagement and communication program, we will create processes that will unleash the creativity of your team.


Getting the right talent who is a great fit your organization is our forte. From wording the job description to selecting the right candidate for the role, we have helped our clients make great hires for their organizations.

Organizational Design

Whether you are restructuring your organization or just need guidance with realigning employees into the right roles, we have the experience and expertise to pull you through.

Career development PRODUCTS


Behaviors and Values Profiles

Personal DISC Profile


Behaviors and Values Profiles

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Behaviors and Values Profiles

Personal Motivators Profile