Data-based decisions drive today’s professional landscape. At The Collaborative, we provide firms with professional development books, services and programs based on empirically-proven results. We utilize only the best tools to assist our clients. Given our many years of research into human behavior, we have tried every assessment and profiling tool in today’s marketplace. Ultimately, we determined that the DISC and Driving Forces tool provided to us by TTI Success Insights offers actionable insights into our clients’ diverse and complex workforces. Note that this advanced tool offers so much more than a simple online personality test or quiz – the DISC and Driving Forces tool is the product of years of scientific research and analysis.

Leverage Expert Implementation

Oftentimes, our clients have encountered or used these tools in other companies or roles. However, they have commented on the considerably improved effectiveness that these tools demonstrate under our guidance. With our experience and expertise in human behavior, we can weave together the complexities of role, culture and industry orientation as we analyze your team’s profiles. As a result, The Collaborative is able to offer a deeper level of insight with these DISC personality tests and assessments that other companies and tools simply cannot match.

Invaluable Insight

We live in the Information Age. In the modern business world, companies cannot afford to act on insufficient data. The more data points you have, the better decisions you can make. DISC personality tests and assessments provide the insight that company and team leaders need to understand their workforces’ dynamic and the obstacles that stand in the way of unlocking their full potential. Whether you are looking to form a plan for further organizational design and development or would like more information for team building and facilitation purposes, DISC personality tests and assessments could be exactly what you need.

Interested in utilizing our enhanced method of behavior and values profiling? Contact us for pricing today. We also offer webinar debriefs, in-person sessions, and team-building development around these comprehensive DISC personality assessments and tests.

DISC Products

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Personal DISC

Complete the DISC profile assessment questionnaire and receive 20 minutes of phone coaching to help you interpret your results.

Personal Motivators Profile

Complete the personal motivators assessment questionnaire and receive 20 minutes of phone coaching to help you interpret your results.

Personal DISC and Motivators Profiles

Complete both the DISC and personal motivators profiles and receive 40 minutes of coaching to help you understand your results.