There are a number of assessment and profiling tools in the marketplace, and, given our avid interest in human behavior, we have tried them all. We remain committed to the DISC and Driving Forces tool provided to us by TTI Success Insights because it offers a clear path to “people reading” and is usable in many different situations. Often times clients have used the tool in other companies or roles, and they comment on the considerable difference when they use it through us. We are able to weave in the complexities of role, culture and industry orientation when we debrief their profiles, and as a result, offer a deeper level of insight unmatched by similar tools.

Contact us for pricing if you are interested in utilizing our enhanced method of DISC profiling. We also offer webinar debriefs, in-person sessions and teambuilding developed around this excellent profiling process and communication framework.

Behaviors and Values Profiles

Personal DISC Profile


Behaviors and Values Profiles

Personal DISC and Motivators Profiles


Behaviors and Values Profiles

Personal Motivators Profile