Improving sales force effectiveness is at the heart of everything we do at The Collaborative. Our proprietary tools, combined with a client-focused approach allow us to adapt proven methodologies to your unique situation. The result? A sales force that’s primed for results and equipped with the training to perform confidently and efficiently.

Improve Your Sales Culture

Our proprietary Sales Effectiveness Model has helped many firms determine where to focus in order to unlock new revenue. We partner with you to review our Eight Factors of Proven Success and to help you integrate more successful approaches into your existing company practices. As a result, you build an environment that fosters comfortable and consistent sales growth.

Make Your Messaging Matter

Even the best marketing materials can’t help you sell if they aren’t used effectively. Therefore, we work with you to develop unique messaging designed to set you apart in a crowded market. Using this, we develop and refine your marketing materials—online and offline—to ensure your sales force has the most powerful tools at its disposal.

Develop and Retain Selling Skills

Whether your team is new to sales, or has been selling for 30 years, our sales force effectiveness training helps everyone learn tips and techniques they can use right away. We are both strategic and practical and can deliver training, coaching, and ongoing reinforcement.

“The Collaborative doesn’t so much train people, as it evolves them. They focus on the person and the process, fostering an experience that enables sales professionals to make their work a life experience, not just a job experience.”

− Stuart Sheppard, Managing Director of Sales & Marketing
Netage Solutions

SALES FORCE Effectiveness programs

Sales Training

Whether your team is filled with seasoned, savvy experienced salespeople or newbies just learning the ropes, we have programs and learning opportunities that fit every need.

  • Our programs are actionable and customized to your team, your environment, and your needs.
  • Behavioral selling is the cornerstone of every program we deliver, making our sales training almost universally applicable to any industry.
  • We focus on qualification, shortening the sales cycle, bringing opportunities to closure, active listening, consultative questioning, and much more.

Sales Coaching & Mentoring

Training can be extremely effective when designed and delivered well, but there is no replacement for one-to-one or group coaching. Our approach is to identify the Desired Outcomes for the salesperson and then to uncover obstacles to success.

  • All coaching is designed around our proprietary S.H.I.F.T.® program.
  • Because we have sales and sales management backgrounds, we are often able to jump in and help move a specific deal forward, help plan for an important meeting or presentation, and offer tips and ideas for greater success.
  • We are results-based in all we do, and we coach to success metrics.

Leadership Coaching

It’s often a truism in sales that the most successful person who is closing the biggest deals gets anointed the sales leader or manager at some time. They know how to be successful—for themselves.

  • We teach leaders the secrets to helping someone else become successful.
  • It’s not enough to say, “Do it like I did it.” IOur programs are designed to adapt to each person’s needs and style.
  • We work with leaders as a group and one-to-one to help them learn to be the best coaches and mentors they can be—and in doing so, increase sales effectiveness for the entire group.