Team-based learning and retention is critical for any organization. At The Collaborative, we offer a full range of training program development services. We can help your team internalize best practices, learn new regulations, improve communication skills, build sales expertise, and serve your clients better.

Deploy Results-Based Training

We’ve worked with all types of firms to identify desired outcomes, obstacles to success, and key factors for effectiveness. We roll all of these into a custom training program full of digestible information our clients can act on right away, but that remains effective over time.

Achieve Successful Outcomes

Through our training program development, we help you identify success factors and learn how to amplify them. We then create a detailed plan that helps you respond to obstacles, overcome them, and ultimately get to where you want to be.

Manage Change Effectively

We help prepare you for inevitable change. Our programs help steer you through uncertain waters by applying proven change-management techniques. Whether through facilitation or consulting, you’ll learn how to deal with change and remain on track to succeed.

“Your sales and client service training was relevant, effective and appreciated by our employees. It also provided unexpected benefits through improved internal communication and a better understanding of what is truly important to our customers.”

− Jan A. Miller, President & CEO
Wainwright Bank


Team Building

We understand behavioral change and possess the real-world experience to help you build an effective and efficient team. Clients turn to us for every stage – from helping to make the best hire for the role, to ensuring employees are successful and maximizing contributions, to improving team dynamics. We utilize profiles for team members to learn more about each other’s communication style, and we offer game-changing insights throughout the engagement.

Relationship Building

Our flagship programs are all developed around teaching people how to listen more effectively, ask consultative probing questions, and respond with solutions that fit the situation. Products and services no longer sell themselves—people want to deal with people who understand them. Whether you have a relationship team that needs to sell, managers who need to deepen relationships with their teams, or salespeople that must build lasting client relationships, we have the proven ability to create and deliver a program that works.

Leadership Development

Spending a lot of money to train the troops, but leaving the managers to manage and coach as they’ve always done, will not offer the sustainable results your firm desires. Many managers are excellent workers who have been promoted into their roles, but often not trained on strong mentoring, coaching and leadership skills. Our programs offer insights and techniques often not learned in other standardized programs designed to help leaders become more effective with their teams immediately.



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