Team-based learning and retention is critical for any organization. At The Collaborative, we offer a full range of training program development services to help your team overcome obstacles and reach both their personal goals and the goals of your company.

We can help your team internalize best practices, improve communication skills, build sales expertise, increase sales force effectiveness, and most importantly, serve your clients better.

For larger firms such as custodians, asset managers and investment firms, we can create one-to-many customized programs for your clients that complement any existing initiatives you might have. This is because we utilize the latest methods in corporate professional development to construct a professional development program that suits you.

Deploy Results-Based Training

Speed and results are hallmarks of our employee development programs, and are crucial to training program development. By utilizing personality assessment tests, we are able to analyze the goals and needs of every member of your team to develop an employee development program that is personalized for your team.

We’ve worked with all types of firms to identify desired outcomes, obstacles to success, and key factors for effectiveness. One of our flagship programs, SHIFT to Success, focuses exclusively on addressing those three elements. We roll all of these into a custom employee development program full of digestible information our clients can act on right away, but which remains effective over time.

Achieve Successful Outcomes

Through our training program development, we help you identify success factors and learn how to amplify them. Our team development programs are results-based and aligned with your goals, so each program is tailored to suit your team and their needs. We then create a detailed employee development program that helps individuals overcome obstacles to learning and retention, and ultimately get to the end goal.

Manage Change Effectively

We help prepare you for inevitable change. Our programs help steer you through uncertain waters by applying proven change-management techniques. Whether through facilitation or consulting, you’ll learn how to deal with change and remain on track to succeed. Some of the methods we utilize to achieve team include customized course development (curriculum and supporting materials development), one-on-one targeted coaching, monthly webinars, online self-paced training, and in-person group sessions.

Our vast range of professional development products and sustainability programs utilize the latest methods in corporate professional development to help increase retention, and can be delivered via multiple channels (coaching, facilitated sessions and online courses) to best fit your needs and busy schedule.

We want to help you and your organization innovate, capture your unique perspective in your industry, and ultimately achieve your business goals.

Our objective is to help you and your organization grow and adapt to these fast-changing times. We work in partnership with our clients and utilize our expertise in everything from organizational design and development to sales force effectiveness in the process. We can help you and your team overcome personal and organizational obstacles and develop the right programs for your unique environment. To learn more about how we can help, contact us online or call us today at 508.359.8216.

“Your sales and client service training was relevant, effective and appreciated by our employees. It also provided unexpected benefits through improved internal communication and a better understanding of what is truly important to our customers.”

− Jan A. Miller, President & CEO
Wainwright Bank