Packaged training on its own does not change behavior.

Our approach is completely different from most training firms, because all our work is founded on human behavior-based principles that take into account human nature and how little it changes in any one individual. This allows us to train people successfully and sustainably in nearly any industry.

Over the years we have developed many effective core strategies and tactics, and we employ these in highly customized training programs designed around your team and environment. We know that people change only when you speak in their language, create tools for their situation, and give them a clear roadmap to success.

Replicable Success

Our programs are replicable and consistently successful. They are backed up with ongoing reinforcement and support in the form of coaching, regular check-ins, webinars and conference calls. Tell us what outcomes and behaviors you want to see, and we’ll design a program toconsistently improve your team’s communication and performance.

“Recently I brought Beverly Flaxington in to lead my department’s management team through a workshop on tips and tools for effective communication in the workplace. Beverly’s enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter itself and her engaging and experienced presentation style were a huge success here in my department, so much so that her workshop is still being referenced and talked about in several team meetings throughout the weeks.  She helped create a shift in the way of thinking about communication around these parts, and for that, I cannot thank her enough!  A true example of what it means to be self-aware, Beverly is the epitome of an effective communicator because she is able to understand how to increase the chances that our communications will be successfully communicated!”

− Cristina Balboni, Training Coordinator
Partners HealthCare Management