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Dealing With Difficult Clients



Many advisors have satisfied clients that make their lives enjoyable and fulfilling. Unfortunately, in every client base, there are also difficult clients who can turn a good day sour quickly! Sometimes it takes a new perspective on an existing relationship in order to manage it differently. This workbook is a hands-on process that can be used by anyone. It includes background information and step-by-step instructions on how to turn your difficult relationships into happy(er) clients!


Financial Expertise

Tools that help financial service firms grow faster and add more profitable clients.

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Learning opportunities that provide the skills you need to effectively serve your clients.

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Tell your unique brand story and turn your team into a sales machine.

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Proprietary solutions that help organizations get the right people into the right positions.

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For decades, The Collaborative has helped clients overcome obstacles and reach higher levels of success using our unique brand of training and coaching services. Our forte is understanding people – how you think, how you communicate and most importantly, how to make change happen. We put that expertise to work for our clients with unrivaled passion and a focus on obtaining superior RESULTS in everything we do.

Starting in the financial services industry, we have successfully assisted clients from many different types of companies. Our customized programs are based on our vast knowledge of human behavior, and not on the industry at hand. This knowledge allows us to excel at helping our clients achieve sustainable change.

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Behaviors and Values Profiles

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Behaviors and Values Profiles

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