Services Built Around You, Your Team, and Your Specific Needs

Even though many firms are in the same financial services industry, their challenges and goals can be very different. We ground our professional and personal development services – which are almost all proprietary – in proven practices informed by real-world experience. We’ve designed these programs with flexibility in mind so that we can easily adapt them to your firm’s unique situation. Our approach to personal development training is different from the standard methods of personal development coaching. Our experts spend time understanding your firm’s culture. Subsequently, we provide custom implementation strategies relevant to your current challenges.

We’ve developed several core programs to help your company optimize efficiency and improve both individual performance and the overall performance of teams, departments and entire organizations. Some of our most sought-after services include team building and facilitation, sales effectiveness development, organizational design and development, professional and personal development, and public speaking engagements from our renowned founder, Beverly Flaxington, The Human Behavior Coach®. These services are then tailored to meet the needs and align with the goals of your organization to effectively help your team grow.

Leverage Our Expertise in Human Behavior

People form the heart of any business. With this in mind, our founder, Beverly Flaxington, has built a powerful brand on the basis of human behavioral science and real-world experience. Her expertise permeates every one of our professional development services, resources and programs, making them eminently effective at helping our clients achieve their professional and personal goals. Our extensive record of working in human behavior has allowed us to develop new approaches to recurring problems involving professional development services and personal development training.

Actions that Precipitate Results

Our professional development services are action-oriented and sustainable. Once you or your team undertake our personal development coaching and training services, you will be able to repeatedly apply what you’ve learned for the rest of your career. Our personal development services focus on the dynamics of human behavior, allowing our methods to attain results that standard training, coaching and consulting simply cannot achieve.