Make the SHIFT to Success for yourself or your team.

In business coaching the first critical step is to identify the Desired Outcome. What has the company, the hiring professional and the person being coached identified as the success factors for the engagement? We start here and apply the trademarked SHIFT® to Success process we have successfully used with individuals, teams and companies for many years.

Coaching is often delivered over the phone to save client costs and can be conducted as often as once a week, or as little as once a month, depending on the desired outcomes. We run a behavioral and Driving Forces profile so that we understand the person being coached, including how they communicate and what matters most to them.

Many of our larger firms hire us to work with individuals who are successful, but need to sharpen their edge. Often times we are hired by the individuals directly, because they want to become more effective, or perhaps make a career move. We may also provide coaching as an extension to a training program to help implement and confirm sustainability.

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“The Collaborative doesn’t so much train people, as it evolves them. They focus on the person and the process, fostering an experience that enables sales professionals to make their work a life experience, not just a job experience.”

− Stuart Sheppard, Managing Director of Sales & Marketing
Netage Solutions