The Five Secrets of Human Behavior

How can you truly connect with your buyers? By understanding the 5 Secrets of Human Behavior! Build your marketing strategy and communications around these five Secrets—and experience the difference.

Advisor Perspectives Summit

Bev Flaxington speaks to how advisors and wealth managers can grow their business in 2021, better communicate with clients and prospects, and build a positive firm culture.

Bev Talks About Mindfulness

Beverly Flaxington author of Self-Talk for a Calmer You presents to a group of professional women about Mindfulness in Chicago.

San Diego Living Interview

Bev Flaxington, author of Understanding Other People – The 5 Secrets to Human Behavior, Make the Shift, and Make Your Shift, discusses how to approach a job or career change with San Diego Living host Marc Bailey.

Make Your SHIFT

Watch Bev explain powerful moves you can make to get where you want to go and outline the goal-achievement process she’s developed, which can be applied both personally and professionally.

Understanding Other People

Milton MA Cable Access TV host Brian Kelley interviews Beverly Flaxington about her book Understanding Other People. Do you want to improve your communication skills? This is a good place to start. This should be mandatory reading at every organization and company.

Make Your SHIFT Book Review

With Make Your SHIFT: The Five Most Powerful Moves You Can Make to Get Where YOU Want to Go the most important word in “self-help” is “Self,” and Beverly does a wonderful job of assuring that you have control over the processes of making significant changes in your life—as long as you accept the responsibility.

Dealing With Difficult People

Consultant, trainer, coach and hypnotherapist Beverly Flaxington, author of Understanding Other People: The 5 Secrets to Human Behavior, explains some facts about understanding difficult people.

Self-Talk : How to Live Happier with Beverly Flaxington

During the presentation Bev shares some great tips on how to relax and really learn to listen to yourself thus helping you calm yourself.

Shifting Difficult Work Relationships Toward Success

In this presentation at a PRNews conference, Collaborative principal and the Human Behavior Coach discusses how putting the 5 Secrets to work can help anyone deal with the “difficult people” in their lives.