There can be something magical about having a seasoned facilitator work with your teams to help them make decisions, develop strategy, and create clear implementation plans for success.

With our years of experience working with teams in conflict—those needing to achieve lofty goals and those hitting a wall in their decision-making—we can enable your team to achieve clarity and commitment.

Because we focus on the human element, the extended benefit of our team building and facilitation is often a stronger team, better communication, and more effective collaboration.

Facilitation can done over a couple of hours, a half day or two, or during several days offsite, depending on your needs. If you share with us what you are hoping to achieve, we’ll create an agenda and approach that are customized to meet your goals while they strengthen the effectiveness of your team.

“I wanted to tell you what a wonderful day our entire team had working with you. If you ever needed any testimonials, folks here would line up to give one for you. It was fantastic and just what we needed.”

− Angela Bergeson, Head of School
The IDEAL School of Manhattan