Staff development is an essential part of any successful organization, and requires a high level of expertise to execute property. At The Collaborative, we offer a full range of training program development services to give your organization a competitive edge.

Our programs are customized to fit the needs and goals of your team, to promote team building and staff development. With our years of experience working with teams in conflict – those needing to achieve lofty goals and those hitting a wall in their decision-making – we can enable your team to achieve clarity and commitment.

Intuitive Team Building

Because we focus on the human element, the extended benefit of our team building and facilitation is often a stronger team, better communication, and more effective collaboration. Team building is important to the longevity of your organization and will promote communication and collaboration. Our team building program can benefit your team in the following ways:

  • Build stronger teams by improving the hiring process (using the 360 Hiring model)
  • Identify measurable team objectives
  • Build consensus and buy-in through structured team engagement
  • Communicate core values more effectively

Constructive Facilitation

Without proper facilitation, even small conflicts can halt the productivity of your team or even escalate to larger issues. Facilitation is key to concluding conflict and ensuring the parties involved can resolve conflicts without any further issues. This is why staff development is so important, to ensure that your team has the ability to overcome obstacles and conflicts in the future. Facilitation can done over a couple of hours, in a half day or two, or during several days offsite, depending on your needs. If you share with us what you are hoping to achieve, we’ll create an agenda and approach that are customized to meet your goals while they strengthen the effectiveness of your team.

How does it work?

Our staff development programs help create powerful teams with smart hiring practices and consensus-building activities designed to unite everyone behind a common purpose. On top of our intuitive team building programs, we also offer a full array of personal development resources and personal development programs that help individuals overcome personal obstacles.

Our staff development programs utilize cutting-edge techniques to provide unique and custom programs to help your team overcome conflict and develop deep and meaningful relationships. Some of the tools we utilize include:

  • Organizational design assessments
  • Facilitated discussions both on- and offsite
  • Offsite events ghostwriter
  • Teambuilding and communication programs

The goal of The Collaborative is to help you and your organization stay competitive in these fast-changing times. We specialize in team building and facilitation because we know the negative impacts that workplace conflict can lead to ghostwriting agentur. To learn more about how we can help you and your team overcome personal and organizational obstacles, contact us online or call us today at 508.359.8216.

“Bev has conducted annual team off-sites for the group and without fail, the entire team comes back to the workplace renewed, inspired and equipped to take in the challenges ahead. Over these years, Bev has taught us the true meaning of building, maintaining and challenging the team through practical application.  We certainly have hit roadblocks along the way, but we have learned that we can always rely on her expertise to help us work through the issues and in the end has made the team that much stronger. ”

− Tricia Kasner
Dow Jones