Combining Behavioral Insight and Real-World Experience

The Collaborative combines a vast pool of human behavioral insight, and the knowledge of how people make shifts toward effective outcomes, with our on-the-ground experience to get those results. We’ve spent decades in C-level positions, running companies and divisions. We know what you’re facing. We leverage our experience to help individuals, teams, and companies make better decisions for their present and future.

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Offering Fresh Solutions

Our clients require answers. They need fresh solutions to otherwise baffling challenges. They need to understand what will work in their environment, and they want results. We satisfy all of these needs using proprietary behavioral analysis tools and our real-world experience with dozens of clients to offer new, sometimes unique, solutions.

Solving the Right Problem

Clients commend us for solving their real problems, not just the ones they bring to us. To do so, we listen to their desired outcomes and perceived obstacles. Then we analyze the situation, identify underlying issues and causes, and help them overcome their actual obstacles.

Customized to Your Environment

We recognize that what works in one environment won’t work in another, and that your office environment is unique.  We’ve gathered vast experience by aiding dozens of different clients, and we see every client’s issues as unique. We tailor solutions to fit the individual client company, team, or situation.

Building Long-term Relationships

Our clients appreciate what we do so much that they hire us again and again, to solve the next challenge, and the next, and to help them become more and more effective. As teams evolve, they continue to turn to us for answers and new paths to success.

To Meet Your Needs, We Offer:

Direct one-on-one coaching
Team building and facilitation
Webinars, in-person workshops, and training
Behavioral profiles and debriefs
Consulting – including proprietary “white-label” programs
On-demand training
Books and workbooks

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