Learn the secrets of selling From the comfort of your car

The Collaborating podcast from The Collaborative is dedicated to demystifying the sales process and providing sales- and non-sales professionals alike with the secrets to effective selling. You can listen to individual episodes by subscribing on iTunes or by clicking any of the individual episodes below.

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6 Keys to Great Presentations (Episode 29)

When we think of presenting, we usually think of getting in front of a room [...]

Building Awareness, Being Social (Episode 28)

Or – everything you’ve ever wanted to know about internet marketing. In this episode we [...]

Challenges to Managing the Small Firm (Episode 27)

Answering a listener request, this episode speaks to the challenges of leading and growing a [...]

9 Basic Sales Negotiation Principles (Episode 26)

In this episode we discuss 9 principles to negotiating success. Knowing these, and keeping them [...]

Getting to Win in Sales Negotiations (Episode 25)

Sales negotiation differs from selling discussions in that you’re now in advanced stages of the [...]

Things to Consider in Kicking Off the New Sales Year (Episode 24)

As you start the new year, it’s a good moment to take stock of the [...]

Shifting Difficult Work Relationships Toward Success (Episode 23)

Collaborative principal Beverly Flaxington speaks on “Shifting Difficult Work Relationships Toward Success” to public relations [...]

5 Ways to Know if Your Sales & Marketing Teams Are On the Same Page (Episode 22)

If you’re a sales manager/person, have you ever had the experience of attending a trade [...]

5 Keys to Building a Corporate Culture by Design (Episode 21)

Have you ever heard someone, usually a senior manager, say, “We need to change the [...]

Why Buy a CRM? (Episode 20)

What’s the real value of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system? Are they worth the [...]

Selling for the Non-sales Professional (Episode 19)

What do you do when you find yourself in a situation where you have to [...]

How to Demonstrate Software – Part 2 (Episode 18)

Here in part 2 of our 2-part interview with sales trainer Brian Geery, Brian discusses [...]

How to Demonstrate Software – Part 1 (Episode 17)

When you are a software salesperson, giving a demonstration – whether face-to-face or online – [...]

Need Sales Training? Be Sure to Solve the Real Problem (Episode 16)

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “sales training”, or when someone says [...]

Calling “cold” – is it worth it today? (Episode 15)

In an age when buyers and their gatekeepers have an arsenal of technology to keep [...]

The Art of Reading People You Can’t See: Cold calling and e-mailing “in style” (Episode 14)

When you can talk with your prospect or client face-to-face, watch movements and see what’s [...]

The 6 Motivators and their Impact on Selling (Episode 13)

In this multipart series on behavior style and values you’ve heard, starting w/ episode 10, [...]

Behavioral Selling: Developing the Unfair Advantage (Episode 12)

Ever been taken completely by surprise by a client or prospect?  Or been unable to [...]

The Many – and Intriguing – Aspects of Style, Motivations and Decision-making (Episode 11)

In the last episode of Collaborating, Bev Flaxington discussed the impact of behavior style and [...]

You Are Who You Are: Behavior Style & Motivators (Episode 10)

How can behavior style be defined, and why do we seem to communicate with some [...]

Social Media ideas and tools for marketing (Episode 9)

Great ideas on using social media to help your marketing efforts; interview with social media [...]

ILOSAM, or Beware Putting the (Sales) Cart Before the (Infrastructure) Horse (Episode 8)

What is ILOSAM — or “are”, as the case is. ILOSAM say that before you’ll realize [...]

The Territory Plan – Rudder of the Salesperson’s Ship (Episode 7)

We discuss 7 components to an effective sales territory plan. What to include, what benefits [...]

Motivating Salespeople (Episode 6)

Second of a 2-part podcast on motivating and motivation. Keys to motivating salespeople, and to [...]

Motivation: From Within, Without, or Both? (Episode 5)

First of a 2-part podcast on motivating and motivation. Can managers and leaders “instill” motivation [...]

Marketing that stands you out in a crowded market (Episode 4)

This podcast, from a 2010 presentation to the CFA Institute by Collaborative Principal Beverly Flaxington, [...]

To Review or Not to Review — the annual performance review challenge (Episode 3)

The 3 reasons for failed reviews and a failed review process. The foundation of good [...]

Optimizing the Face-to-Face Sales Meeting (Episode 2)

In this podcast, Collaborative principal Mike Slemmer provides 7 keys to preparing for, and leading, the face-to-face [...]

Introducing the Collaborating Podcast (Episode 1)

This audio introduces the new podcast series — Collaborating — by The Collaborative. The goal [...]