The Art of Reading People You Can’t See: Cold calling and e-mailing “in style” (Episode 14)

When you can talk with your prospect or client face-to-face, watch movements and see what’s hanging on their office wall, you can get a good idea what they are all about. And, as a salesperson, you’re able to use all 100% of our communication capability. But, what about when you can’t see the person — when all of our communication is over the phone or by e-mail? The bad news is that on a cold or warm call you instantly give up 55% — body language – of your ability to communicate effectively. The good news, however, for salespeople is that we all give “clues” to our preferences and styles even over the phone and in writing. Learn how to listen and question your way to understanding the behavior style of the person you cannot see – and improve your selling success.