Shifting Difficult Work Relationships Toward Success (Episode 23)

Collaborative principal Beverly Flaxington speaks on “Shifting Difficult Work Relationships Toward Success” to public relations professionals at a PRNews Bootcamp in Washington D.C. Based on her best-selling and Reader’s Choice Gold Award-winning book, Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior, Bev gives insights and actions you can take to improve work (and all) […]

5 Ways to Know if Your Sales & Marketing Teams Are On the Same Page (Episode 22)

If you’re a sales manager/person, have you ever had the experience of attending a trade show that made you exclaim “WHAT am I doing here?”, or reviewed a brochure that said nothing like what you say to prospects? If you’re a Marketing exec, have you ever listened to a salesperson on the phone — only […]

5 Keys to Building a Corporate Culture by Design (Episode 21)

Have you ever heard someone, usually a senior manager, say, “We need to change the culture here?” You’ve likely been asked what kind of culture you work best in when interviewed for jobs. And you’ve probably asked an interviewer to “please describe the culture”. But just what is corporate culture and how do you change […]

Why Buy a CRM? (Episode 20)

What’s the real value of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system? Are they worth the investment? In this interview with the presidents of two of the leading CRMs in the financial advisor space – Greg Friedman of Juncture ( and Scott Abboud of Act4Advisors ( – we learn why advisors should invest in a CRM. […]