How to Demonstrate Software – Part 1 (Episode 17)

When you are a software salesperson, giving a demonstration – whether face-to-face or online – is one of the most crucial aspects of selling success. There are many “moving parts”, and thus many chances for things to go wrong. But when you perform excellently you can improve your close-rate significantly in this most important step […]

Need Sales Training? Be Sure to Solve the Real Problem (Episode 16)

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “sales training”, or when someone says they need to provide sales training for their team? When it comes to training there is probably no other corporate function that sees more varieties and providers than sales. Google the phrase “sales training” and you’ll find over 71,300,000 options. […]

Calling “cold” – is it worth it today? (Episode 15)

In an age when buyers and their gatekeepers have an arsenal of technology to keep the salesperson out, why bother cold calling? The depersonalized nature of electronic communication – personal email, corporate email blasts and websites – has allowed buyers to self-select who they talk to and who they will not. Many sales execs believe […]

The Art of Reading People You Can’t See: Cold calling and e-mailing “in style” (Episode 14)

When you can talk with your prospect or client face-to-face, watch movements and see what’s hanging on their office wall, you can get a good idea what they are all about. And, as a salesperson, you’re able to use all 100% of our communication capability. But, what about when you can’t see the person — when all […]

The 6 Motivators and their Impact on Selling (Episode 13)

In this multipart series on behavior style and values you’ve heard, starting w/ episode 10, all aspects of the impact and value in both personal and corporate life. Last time we discussed how to apply DISC and Motivators (or this knowledge) in behavioral selling. The last aspect is discerning the motivators in those you sell […]

Behavioral Selling: Developing the Unfair Advantage (Episode 12)

Ever been taken completely by surprise by a client or prospect?  Or been unable to close a sale because you just couldn’t’ “get through” to them?  Today, prospects are being bombarded by so many salespeople – all using the “latest” selling techniques and technology to try to connect with and engage them to persuade to […]

The Many – and Intriguing – Aspects of Style, Motivations and Decision-making (Episode 11)

In the last episode of Collaborating, Bev Flaxington discussed the impact of behavior style and motivations in all that we are and do, and how the DISC and Motivators assessments are used to determine these. Our guest on this podcast, Jennifer Copley, president and founder of Copley Consulting, discusses a third aspect — the cognitive […]

You Are Who You Are: Behavior Style & Motivators (Episode 10)

How can behavior style be defined, and why do we seem to communicate with some people better than others? How do our values impact relationships, decision-making and how we view the world? Bev Flaxington has been using behavior style and motivation assessment tools — called DISC and Motivators — since 1997, with thousands of people.  She will explain […]

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