Calling “cold” – is it worth it today? (Episode 15)

In an age when buyers and their gatekeepers have an arsenal of technology to keep the salesperson out, why bother cold calling? The depersonalized nature of electronic communication – personal email, corporate email blasts and websites – has allowed buyers to self-select who they talk to and who they will not. Many sales execs believe they can’t get through today’s gatekeeping technology. And for most of them, cold calling is the least fun aspect of sales. This natural call resistance, together with the siren-song of technology as the great “lead giver”, can lead sales organizations to believe that cold calling is unproductive. We disagree – both from a practical standpoint and the reality of what’s worked for us, in our own business. In this episode we offer practicle, time-proven tips on how to make cold calling work for you today.