Many coaches provide high-level insight or ideas; however, we take a somewhat different approach. We’ve run businesses and re-organized a vast array of different departments and teams to help clients meet their goals. We know what does and doesn’t work.

The Human Element: Crafting & Coaching Teams

To achieve its business goals, every company needs to construct their optimal organizational structure – especially where talent is concerned. Even the most robust organizational design and development strategy would fall apart without a great team. Many of our clients need assistance with creating a talent management plan.

That’s why we help clients hire the right people in the right roles, while ensuring that they are prepared for successful onboarding and future coaching. Then, through team building and facilitation, we ensure that team dynamics enable effective communication, consistent performance, and a healthy sense of accountability. Our expertise in human behavior has transformed the way countless clients manage their talent.

Custom Solutions for Every Company

Individualized plans for every firm should be the norm; no two companies are alike. Sometimes our clients may have grown significantly without ever implementing a definitive management strategy. Roles may not mesh with the cultural values that leadership would like to cultivate. Skill gaps or lack of training may be hindering particular teams or departments.

If you need assistance with any of the following, our experts are here to help:

  • Maximizing the effectiveness of your team
  • Analyzing the profitability and applicability of your firm’s lines of business
  • Determining the best ways to find and coach talent that will help you achieve your business goals
  • Crafting the optimal business development plan and story for the growth of your firm
  • Allocating the right resources in your firm

Ultimately, we identify any deficiencies while addressing them with training program development, business development planning, and other services designed to optimize the firm’s organizational structure.

Our Organizational Design & Development Program

While every client has different needs, we have a step-by-step process we use to identify those needs so that we can optimize your organization in the most effective way possible.

  1. Execute a short assessment. The process begins with a short assessment period lasting two to four weeks. During that time, we will conduct interviews, review the client’s materials, and apply insight from our past experiences to gain a deeper understanding of possible issues and solutions.
  2. Prepare recommendations. Then, we form a list of recommendations that we review with you and your team. During this step, we compare our observations and further narrow down the most critical problem areas or opportunities for improvement.
  3. Create an implementation plan. After we review our recommendations with you, we formulate a clear set of implementation steps that incorporate our trademarked SHIFT process to ensure that we address every aspect of your organization.

Whether you would like assistance with implementation or simply need clear direction on how to move forward, we can accommodate your needs and wishes. We seek to provide you with the most value possible.

Collaborative Innovation

Our goal is to help you and your organization innovate, capture your unique perspective in your industry, and ultimately achieve your business goals. With our expertise in everything from organizational design and development to making change happen and honing sales force effectiveness, we can tackle the challenges you face from angles you might not have previously considered. To learn more about how we can help, contact us online or call us today at 508.359.8216.

“Your sales and client service training was relevant, effective and appreciated by our employees. It also provided unexpected benefits through improved internal communication and a better understanding of what is truly important to our customers.”

− Jan A. Miller, President & CEO
Wainwright Bank