The 6 Motivators and their Impact on Selling (Episode 13)

In this multipart series on behavior style and values you’ve heard, starting w/ episode 10, all aspects of the impact and value in both personal and corporate life. Last time we discussed how to apply DISC and Motivators (or this knowledge) in behavioral selling. The last aspect is discerning the motivators in those you sell to – and determining how to communicate based on these.  What is it that motivates you to take action? What’s the source of your desire to become involved in certain activities—or to avoid them? Why do you behave in the manner you do? The answers lie deep within your unique set of personal interests, attitudes and values. These powerful motivating forces within you largely affect what drives you and have a hand – along with your behavior style – in how others perceive you. Identifying motivators is important to understanding what makes you effective, satisfied and personally successful. In the workplace, knowing what motivates us – and others – helps us to understand why we clash sometimes when values are different – both with others and the culture overall. Learn how to use motivators to your selling advantage!