5 Keys to Building a Corporate Culture by Design (Episode 21)

Have you ever heard someone, usually a senior manager, say, “We need to change the culture here?” You’ve likely been asked what kind of culture you work best in when interviewed for jobs. And you’ve probably asked an interviewer to “please describe the culture”. But just what is corporate culture and how do you change it? Culture can be defined in many different ways, which is why many firms don’t know what their culture is or what they want – all they know is they don’t have what they want!  But if it isn’t defined, how can it be changed?  More importantly, can you really design the culture you desire for your organization?

In this episode of Collaborating, we’ll try to answer some of these questions by focusing on the five culture influencers that strongly dictate what culture a firm has:

  1. The behavioral style and values of the CEO and the senior leaders of the firm.
  2. The communication process.
  3. The linkage between firm and employee goals.
  4. The proactive or reactive approach to decision-making, firm design and hiring practices that a firm takes.
  5. The clarity of roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities – or lack thereof.