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The Collaborative is The Advisor’s Trusted Advisor. We’ve organized over 20 years of content working directly on, and in, financial advisory firms. Our robust practice management platform consists of coaching, training, programs and consulting developed for the financial advisor’s needs.

We work hand-in-hand with financial advisors and wealth managers to help them grow faster, deepen existing client relationships and add more profitable clients.

We provide business consulting services in leadership development and management specializing in management consulting and advisory services for the financial industry

These programs were developed with the financial advisor in mind, and have been successful, both in the one person practice, and within some of the largest organizations in the industry.

Dealing With Difficult Clients



Many advisors have satisfied clients that make their lives enjoyable and fulfilling. Unfortunately, in every client base, there are also difficult clients who can turn a good day sour quickly! Sometimes it takes a new perspective on an existing relationship in order to manage it differently. This workbook is a hands-on process that can be used by anyone. It includes background information and step-by-step instructions on how to turn your difficult relationships into happy(er) clients!




Tools for Advisors

The Pitchbook: Best Practices