5 Ways to Know if Your Sales & Marketing Teams Are On the Same Page

5 Ways to Know if Your Sales & Marketing Teams
Are On the Same Page

Are your sales and marketing efforts — both strategy and communication working in concert? Here’s how you can tell.

  1. They tell the same “story” about your firm, and its products and services. If not, your ads, events, and PR could have one focus, and your sales people could be talking to prospects about an entirely different company. Not a great way to convince the market you’re at the top of your game.
  2. They budget together. What’s the point of the marketing folks sponsoring conferences and the like if the salespeople are not able to or interested in attending and trolling for prospects?
  3. They go on sales calls together. The best way for marketing people to understand the challenges of selling is to be in the hot seat, too. Marketing professionals on sales calls also have an opportunity to hear clients and prospects ask questions and talk about needs and concerns.
  4. They are all compensated for business development. Money is very motivating, as we all know well, and teams that are properly motivated to bring in the business your firm wants are much more likely to do so.
  5. They set goals and plan together. Because the two functions are so wound together, it is impossible for one area to set effectively sales and business development goals independently of the other. If planning is aligned, so is process, which makes achieving goals that much easier.