Nice or Not?

There is an often used word we apply to other people: “nice”. What is the definition of nice? Do we ever think about it? According to, this simple word actually covers many things, but a few are: pleasing, agreeable, delightful, amiably pleasant and kind. These seem like basic words that we all understand, but […]

Fear of Loss

In these waning days before the election, I have noticed the hyperbole on my Facebook page increasing significantly. Whatever candidate one is for, the other guy or gal is not just “wrong”, they are bordering on “evil”. The idea of polite discourse seems to have gone out the window. Friends who post a comment, and […]

Knowledge IS Power

As a college professor, and a high Theoretical (from a values perspective), I admit that I am biased toward knowledge and learning. But, even this notwithstanding, I have been in so many conversations lately where the problem people raise is that it’s “ignorance” or “lack of education” or “lack of knowledge” about something. We often […]

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