Everyone Can Benefit From a “Coach”

Everyone Can Benefit From a “Coach”

Today the average manager doesn’t have enough time to work as directly with their employees as they should, or they’d like to. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for meetings, decision-making, budget work and hands-on management of staff.

But… everyone needs a coach, or a strong focused manager, to help the person improve and become better at what they do. The wave in coaching shows how pervasive this need really is in business today. People thrive when they know how they’re doing and they are given chances to improve.

What’s involved in coaching? The best coaches work hand-in-glove with the manager to ensure that the employee doesn’t receive “mixed messages”. A coach doesn’t replace the manager, but rather complements them. The coach understands what would make the person “successful” in that particular organization and then helps them to achieve and accomplish at their highest possible level of ability.

Coaches can either work tactically helping to solve day-to-day issues—how to interact with the manager, how to “close the deal”, how to participate in the team or they can work more strategically helping to establish what role the person really may be suited for in the existing company—or another.

A coach who works with people frequently will know what to look for and how to hone in on the “problem” areas. Coaches are able to be more objective because they aren’t working with the person every day and have no agenda of their own—except to help ensure success!

Having someone who is working with you in a one-on-one capacity can be so beneficial because it’s personalized, focused support. Most people who have worked with a coach gain life-long benefits they take to the next job, and the next. The coach keeps the person on track and pushes them appropriately to be more and more effective—and happy—in what they’re doing.

We invite you to check out our coaching options. We work with individuals at both the management and staff levels on all manner of issues. Talk to us today about members of your team who might benefit from having a coach—maybe it’s even you!