Helping Clients Redefine Retirement

Dear Bev,

How can I help clients get a better idea of what they want to do with their retirement? I don’t view retirement as a chance to play golf and travel, so I don’t want to assume that my clients are thinking this either. Sometimes I fear they do not know what retirement will look like to them and so planning for it, financially or otherwise, is challenging. It’s why I believe they need an advisor, but I want to be sure I am doing the best I can for them in these discussions.

— Robert D.

Dear Robert,

YES! I am thrilled to read this question and read about your desire to truly help your clients understand what they want. I have spent a lot of my career in the retirement space, so this area is of particular interest to me. The pictures of the beach and the sailboat simply do not capture many people’s dream retirements. Personally, I always feel sorry for those who have retired because I love my work so much.

That said, you could do a few things to help your clients achieve clarity about what they care about in a later life phase, which this will help you invest for them now and in the future.

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