Identifying Obstacles

Identifying Obstacles
Want to Know What’s Wrong in Your Firm? Ask Your Employees

One of the most gratifying ways we work with our clients and support them on the road to higher levels of revenue is to work with their employees to uncover the obstacles to sales success.

It takes a very confident senior management to engage in this process because it allows the employees to vocalize and identify the issues that are holding back the firm. Our philosophy is that these issues exist, and they are causing pain in the organization, so it is in the firm’s best interest to organize the issues and bring them to the forefront in order to be dealt with effectively.

Employees can often see issues and feel very disempowered to make suggestions and/or changes. Management gets frustrated because they feel as if they are “on the hook” to fix everything when often they aren’t quite sure what is really wrong.

The process is effective. It involves;

  • Getting the employees focused on identifying obstacles that are real issues standing in the way
  • Organizing the obstacles into a useful pattern
  • Categorizing and prioritizing the obstacles
  • Developing solutions that meet a number of different and important criteria

Management can be amazed at how insightful and knowledgeable their employees really are about the issues and potential solutions for changing things. We’ve seen wholesale culture change happen as a result of this process where employees recognize that their ideas and opinions matter. They learn a constructive, realistic, reliable approach to solving problems in conjunction with their management.

Walls can be broken down and changes can happen in a very short period of time.

If you aren’t realizing the sales success you think your firm deserves, talk to us today about using this process. The results can be significant and long lasting.