Say, “Thank You”

As I was thinking about my next blog and listening to Christmas music on the radio, I heard an advertisement from the head of a media firm. He was saying a public “thank you” to his employees, his customers, members of the military, the police and fire departments and others. He had a list of people in his world whom he wanted to recognize.

It helped me to remember how a simple “thank you” is too many times forgotten, but always appreciated by the receiver. I am aware of my own trigger, for example, when I am driving. If I let someone go in front of me or otherwise show courtesy, and the person does not acknowledge it with a “thank you” wave, I recognize that I feel an irritation. Conversely, when the person does acknowledge my overture, I realize that I am driving along with a smile on my face.

As my children get older, I notice how often they say “Thank you, Mom” for something I’ve done – even as simple as picking them up at school, taking them to a friend’s house or giving them something they like for dinner. I’m a mom. I don’t do any of these for the reason of a “thank you” but it is a wonderful feeling when they give me the gift of saying it. It feels good to have someone notice something I’ve done.

In this fast-paced and busy world, how often do we overlook the chance to offer a “thank you” to others? There are so many opportunities – when we are at a store and someone holds the door, when someone lets us into traffic, when someone gives us a compliment, when someone offers us a hand or a helpful nature, when someone spends their valuable time with us, or when someone gives us a gift. It truly is the thought that counts when another person extends something to us. More often than not, we seem to act with an entitled attitude, like we deserved what they offered, so no additional thanks are necessary!

Whatever your belief system, the holiday time of year does give us the chance to remember all of the people and things we are thankful for in our lives. I was walking with my dogs this morning, and thought of this short list for my own life. I want to offer a public thank you for the following:

  • All of the wonderful people who have Facebook-friended me – longtime friends, colleagues, family. I’m even thankful there IS a Facebook so that I could reconnect with people I’ve lost track of many years ago.
  • My friends who have stayed with me since we were children and continue to bless my life with their presence.
  • My family and the health we have all been gifted. Ultimately if we are healthy, we can deal with anything else that life throws our way!
  • The ability to be involved in animal rescue – I am so thankful I can make a difference in some tangible way and as a thank you to my own pets for reminding me there IS such a thing as unconditional love!
  • The colleagues and clients I have – I am so blessed to work with amazing, talented and generally wonderful people.
  • The work I do – I love to get up every day and think about what experiences await me. I love my work, my focus and everything I am blessed to do to make a living.
  • The amazing, fabulous, gifted angels I call my kids. Three tremendous human beings, all of whom I enjoy spending time with anywhere, anytime!
  • The world we live in – with all of the strife and conflict, there is still a large group of people trying to do the right thing by one another. We can live in hope that goodness will prevail.
  • My own personal gifts – as teacher, hypnotherapist, writer, consultant, coach and speaker. All things I love that give me the chance to give to others.
  • A physical body that works well – I can walk, I can type, I can speak, I can see, I can run and jump and even go to the gym if I decide to do so!
  • A roof over my head and food on my table.

And the list could go on for another couple of pages. Find a minute or two this holiday season to write down your personal “thank you” list and offer it to the people around you, and to the Universe in general. The gifts are often many, but the “thank you’s” too few. Make your thank you’s a part of everything you do this week.

Oh, yes – and a THANK YOU to my readers, my supporters and all of the people who write to me to tell me how much this work means to them. You are a blessing to me.