Understanding Other People

Understanding other people – truly understanding them in a way that makes us communicate better with them and makes them WANT to cooperate with us, is very empowering.

For most people, however, understanding other people is not easy. For many years, I have watched people in work and in personal situations struggling to understand each other and to communicate effectively. In the process, I have gathered a few important insights about human communication and about dealing with difficult people that I’d like to share with you.

The most powerful people are those who understand themselves better than others understand them, and those who understand other people and know what make them act the way they do. This is the type of understanding that allows you to never lose control when you interact with others, regardless of how difficult or unpleasant the interaction is.

This blog, and my book “Understanding Other People:The Five Secrets to Human Behavior” will give you the tools to become more powerful, by becoming a better communicator, by being able to control your emotions when you communicate with others, and by being in charge of your reactions to others.

We will start by looking at some of the reasons why so many of our relationships and interactions feel “difficult.” Next, we will examine the core differences between people that make communicating so hard, and find ways to overcome those challenges.

Some of the ways to become better communicators include learning the art of active listening, recognizing and accepting behavioral styles and values that differ than our own, and learning to accept ourselves and others without trying to always be “right” and change others.