AdvisorMarketing Pro launched to give marketing expertise to resource-constrained Advisors

Called “The Complete Marketing Solution for Advisors and Wealth Managers”

Medfield, MA – September 8, 2010 Advisors Trusted Advisor (ATA; a division of The Collaborative, and Wealth Management Marketing (WMM; announced today a collaboration to bring strategic and tactical marketing resources to small advisors with their AdvisorMarketing Pro program. Advisors with 1 to 15 employees often struggle to find time, and the human and financial resources required to grow and compete with other advisors, especially larger firms. This program was designed to meet the marketing and business growth needs of the small advisor, at a very affordable price.  

ATA and WMM have combined their respective industry-leading offerings to create a package for small advisors that includes: positioning and creating compelling differentiators; creating tailored marketing plans and marketing materials for presentations. Also offered is ongoing tactical support through newsletters; client education; social media and marketing plan implementation. ATA has historically offered strategic marketing support while WMM has focused on tactical implementation.  

“The small advisor is finding it increasingly hard to stand out in a crowded market without investing a lot of money”, says Beverly Flaxington, co-founder of Advisors Trusted Advisor. “We’ve always tried to deliver full marketing support at reasonable prices but partnering with Kristen Luke’s firm, Wealth Management Marketing, allows us to focus on what we do best and know that the advisor will continue to be supported. We know that this ongoing support is the critical element to experiencing business building success.”  

Both firms have relationships to deliver their offerings with several custodians, broker-dealers and investment product companies and also work directly with advisors on a day-to-day basis. “We know the marketing challenges that advisors face”, said Kristen Luke, founder of Wealth Management Marketing. “We provide advisors the resources they need so that they avoid having to hire additional staff or oversee execution of a marketing plan. It’s the complete marketing solution for small advisors and fills a hole that has previously existed in the industry.”  

AdvisorMarketing Pro is available by contacting either Advisors Trusted Advisor at 888-580-9473 or Wealth Management Marketing at 888-710-5870.