Developing the Next Generation’s Leaders

Dear Bev,

We have hired three advisors younger than 35 years old, with the expectation they will help us to grow the business. I understand it can be hard for advisors coming into the business to close sales, but shouldn’t we expect something out of them? How do you teach younger advisors to sell effectively?

— Tom D.

Dear Tom,

Have you set clear expectations with them? Do they know what you are expecting them to do and what success looks like to you? Are they clear on the goals and the measurements?

Developing the next generation of leaders is becoming an imperative as the industry continues to age – research shows that over 40% of advisors are over the age of 55, ready to retire soon in some cases. Having a younger staff that can run the business, grow the clientele and manage clients will be crucial if advisors hopes to have their firms live on after they are gone. Having a succession plan in place is important for clients who wonder – “You are helping me with my retirement, but what’s your retirement plan?”

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