When Senior Managers Make Bad Decisions

Dear Bev,

So, what do you tell an insurance-based planning organization that owns a mutual fund company, a broker-dealer and an annuity company and has a 150-year track record as a mutual life-insurance company but does not require its recruits to be equities licensed at even the Series 6 level? These so-called advisors meet with clients but cannot provide the full suite of products and services that the parent company has available.

— Bert

Dear Bert,

I spent many years working for a large insurance and financial-services firm, and I wish I had the answer on how to easily get through to the managers of large firms. All too often, employees see the negative impact of decisions made but the folks in senior management do not seem to connect their decisions with actual impact marketing the industry.

That said, the answer to your question varies based on your role within the firm. If you have a good relationship with someone in a power position, you can help them understand the impact of their decisions in a few ways.

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