The Collaborative for Business Development Announces Its SHIFT Program for Managers

The Collaborative is pleased to announce that its proprietary SHIFT Model is now available for managers to use with their own teams.

MEDFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, February 28, 2023 / — The Collaborative is pleased to announce that its proprietary SHIFT Model is now available for managers to help their teams set and achieve short and long-term goals. The SHIFT program was created at the request of a long-time client who wanted to know what steps The Collaborative repeatedly took to bring out success for individuals, teams, and firms. The SHIFT Model has been trademarked and used in various situations to bring about effective change.

The program is now available to managers to allow them to lead their teams to successful outcomes.

The program includes five steps teams take to maximize goal setting and achievement. The steps are as follows: Specify the Desired Outcome, Highlight Obstacles and Categorize, Identify the Human Factor, Find Alternatives, and Take Disciplined Action.

Beverly Flaxington, the co-founder of The Collaborative and creator of the SHIFT program, said, “We have assisted hundreds of individuals and teams in meeting their goals through our SHIFT model, and we are thrilled to be able to release a version that managers can use on their own to build their teams. Creating a clear path to success is critical for teams to reach their goals, and I truly believe our program is unlike any others out there.”

The SHIFT Model and program can be used as a facilitation tool for managers to enhance team communication, a coaching tool to assist managers in helping team members reach their goals, and as a format for offsites, internal meetings, and long-range planning. The new program gives managers all the tools and direction needed to implement SHIFT independently.
To learn more, visit the website and inquire.

The SHIFT Model remains available to individuals who seek to implement behavior change through a self-guided, self-directed program.
Samantha Reynolds
The Collaborative for Business Development, Inc.
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