The Collaborative Offers Innovative Answers to Financial Advisors’ Most Pressing Problems

Solutions to finding organic growth and dealing with an aging client base

Medfield, MA — The Collaborative, a sales and marketing consultancy offering dedicated services and support to the financial industry, has released two new innovative programs for financial advisors.

The Advisor’s Sales Academy ( ), an online training portal, offers both seasoned and next generation advisors self-directed courses focused on uncovering organic growth and building effective selling skills. The course modules are broken down into easy-to-digest components, and many of the topics covered are adapted from Beverly Flaxington’s bestselling sales book The Pocket Guide to Sales for Financial Advisors.

The Collaborative has also partnered with Jill Poser-Kammet and Howard Krooks, experts on aging, to provide insights and training to financial advisors working with an older client base. Jill and Howie offer specific information on key areas that clients need to address as they mature, as well as best practices for working closely with children, grandchildren, and other vested parties.

Information on the program for financial advisors working with aging clients can be found at . Jill and Howie are available to speak at conferences, at large firms, and one-on-one with advisors to provide this important information and tools to financial advisors.

“Howie and I have been working closely with these issues for a decade now, and there is so much to learn. Even the most seasoned financial advisors struggle with opening these conversations with their clients, and children of their clients. If mom doesn’t really want to go into the assisted living facility, how do you force her to do so? There are so many things to talk about,” says Jill Poser-Kammet.

The team at The Collaborative is excited about these new programs and their potential to deliver positive results. “One of the main reasons I joined The Collaborative is because they offer hands-on and practical programs for advisors. I’m excited to be a key part of these new offerings,” says Managing Director Meg Kelleher, formerly of Fidelity Investments. “I have worked with advisors very closely for many years and I know the struggles they face. These solutions can have a real impact,” Kelleher says.

Both tools are available from The Collaborative immediately.

Beverly may be contacted at 508-359-8216 or [email protected]. You can learn more about The Collaborative at