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CRM system Selection – Have You Answered These Questions?

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In our work with many different kinds of firms, we encounter many software or internet–based systems that our clients consider to be mission-critical. These are usually business-process, operations or accounting systems. Often times, we find that customer relationship management (CRM) systems are either installed but unused (or barely) or they’re seen as a “nice to have” and not worth replacing the sales or customer tracking now done in Excel or Outlook. But if you value sales, growing your firm, ensuring that customers are “covered” and that marketing ROI is quantified – you’ll want to put CRMs in the “mission critical” category. Many CRMs and user experience suffer an average to poor reputation. In our experience some of the fault lies in a lack of planning and unrealistic expectations about CRMs. For instance, if you buy an accounting or trading system, the benefits and results can usually be quantified when compared…

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