Model Manager: How to motivate your reps by treating them the way they should treat customers

by Kim Wright Wiley; SellingPower Magazine In some ways, being a manager is like being a parent: You can talk about what your sales team should be doing until you’re blue in the face, but if you aren’t modeling the behaviors you expect of the team, then your lectures will likely fall on deaf ears. […]

CRM system Selection – Have You Answered These Questions?

In our work with many different kinds of firms, we encounter many software or internet–based systems that our clients consider to be mission-critical. These are usually business-process, operations or accounting systems. Often times, we find that customer relationship management (CRM) systems are either installed but unused (or barely) or they’re seen as a “nice to […]

The Collaborative Encourages Business Owners To S.H.I.F.T Their Way Of Thinking

BOSTON, MA — September 15, 2010 Earlier this year, The Collaborative released its S.H.I.F.T Model for Success™, which has been embedded into the curriculum for Suffolk University‟s Leadership and Social Responsibility class for the fall semester. According to Beverly Flaxington, Collaborative Principal, after two decades of working with organizations and individuals it was apparent the time had […]

AdvisorMarketing Pro launched to give marketing expertise to resource-constrained Advisors

Called “The Complete Marketing Solution for Advisors and Wealth Managers” Medfield, MA – September 8, 2010 Advisors Trusted Advisor (ATA; a division of The Collaborative, and Wealth Management Marketing (WMM; announced today a collaboration to bring strategic and tactical marketing resources to small advisors with their AdvisorMarketing Pro program. Advisors with 1 to […]

Companies Learn To Get A Better Handle On PR Damage Control

By JAMES DETAR, INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY Posted 07/02/2010 06:27 PM ET When employees can’t take criticism, it makes them less productive. When it’s a company that won’t face criticism or doesn’t know how, the entire business suffers. One way a business can avoid getting bruised by these slings is to work with the critics, to learn […]

Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets of Human Behavior wins Reader’s Favorite Gold Award

The hot selling book: Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets of Human Behavior was selected for the prestigious Reader’s Favorite Gold Award. The selection was made by a panel of experts who reviewed thousands of books submitted for consideration in a variety of categories. Only one book in each category is awarded the gold star […]

WorkWise: Why Corporate Culture Counts in Sales

Sales acumen is always in demand but especially so in a recession. Many salespeople leap over a critical step — gaining knowledge about corporate culture — in their zeal to close. “Working” this culture brings tangible benefits.   Two Cultures The Collaborative for Business Development Inc., in Medfield, Mass., trains salespeople to “look at behavioral style, […]