Beverly is Quoted in The Woman’s Advantage 2014 Calendar

Beverly’s advice was chosen from over 5,000 submissions for the Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar Her quote will be featured in The Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar for 2014.   Her quote regarding sales: “Do unto others what they want and care about, not what you want and care about.” This is one of 365 selected—one for each […]

Investor’s Business Daily References Flaxington’s Newest Book

Talk Yourself Up Sonja Carberry references Beverly Flaxington’s latest book, Self Talk for a Calmer You in an article for Investor’s Business Daily.  That ranting inside your head can be positive, negative or neutral. Too much doom and gloom, and “we just drain ourselves,” said Flaxington  Read “Internal Chat Colors Outlook; Talk Yourself Up.”

Beverly Discusses Self Talk for a Calmer You with

Using Self Talk for a Calmer You Beverly discusses her latest book, Self Talk for a Calmer You, as a guest speaker on  She talks to Lorwai Tan about how to use positive self talk to control anxiety and live a happier, more relaxed life.  Her latest book, Self Talk for a Calmer You […]

Beverly Flaxington and The Women’s Toolbox

  Flaxington as Contributing Writer for The Women’s Toolbox The Woman’s Toolbox has invited Beverly Flaxington to be a regular contributor.  As The Human Behavior Coach®™, Beverly is a highly sought after national author and public speaker. As a sales and marketing expert, corporate consultant, college professor, hypnotherapist, certified behavioral expert, bestselling and Gold-award winning […]

Beverly Flaxington, CEO Magazine Contributor

  CEO Magazine seeks insight from Beverly Flaxington Beverly Flaxington is now a regular contributor to CEO Magazine.  Effective Outcomes w/ Behavioral Insights: The Marketing and Business Building Authority, The Human Behavior Coach, Flaxington is a two-time bestselling and Gold Award-winning author.  She’s also an accomplished consultant, hypnotherapist, personal and career coach, author, college professor, corporate trainer, […]

Beverly Flaxington is Contributing Writer for Discover Your Awesome!

Beverly Flaxington is a contributing writer for Discover Your Awesome! Bestselling & Gold-Award Winning Author, Corporate Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Hypnotherapist, Behavioral Expert will be adding her insight into human behavior with this distinguished website.  See more here.    

On the Money Interview

Beverly Flaxington discusses why companies who focus on the customer come out on top.  As a Human Behavior Consultant, Beverly encourages CEOs to truly examine the profitability factor vs minimal “soft costs” for a satisfying experience. Her book Understanding Other People: 5 Secrets to Human Behavior examines the company / consumer relationship and how companies […]

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